Boiler Installations

To date we have installed over 6500 boilers in homes around the UK, so we're confident we can get you the boiler you need at a great price and we guarantee satisfaction.

We take our boiler installs seriously and treat our customers with resepct. You can be assured of a gold class standard when it comes to working with Aquavolt.

boiler image - Aquavolt boiler installations in Yorkshire and North East Derbyshire


We have a simple 3 step process to get you the correct product

1. Inform

We work with you to understand your needs and together we can select the right boiler for the job. There are a number of things to consider and we want to make sure you choose the right one.

boiler image - Aquavolt boiler installations in Yorkshire and North East Derbyshire

2. Choose

Once we have the specification we the can select from a wide range of boilers brands. If there is something specific you require we usually can source it for you.

3. Install

Install is smooth and pain free - together we find the perfect time for the engineer to visit the site and installs are usually complete within a day, meaning you don't have to worry about visiting family or friends for a shower!

Boiler installations

When it comes to boiler installations, we've installed over 6500 across the UK, so we know a thing or two about installs. We can recommend the best product for your particular situation of you can feel free to choose the product you want. Our 3 step process makes the whole experience seamless and stress free - together we will ensure that you get exactly the right product (not something over/underpowered).

We are totally transparent on pricing and offer an online instant quote tool - check it out and see what options meet your specific requirements.

South Yorkshire & Surrounding Areas

For years we have operated at a national level but now we really want to focus on the local community. We have worked this area for years and understand the geography, energy requirements and exact needs of the local communities and we are uniquely positioned to be able to deliver a national product and service at a local price.

Sheffield, Chesterfield, Doncaster, Barnsley, Rotherham, Mansfield and Nottingham are our stomping ground and our expert team can be with you whenever you need them. Boiler installations are our bread and butter and you will see the professionalism in our work from the offset and throughout.

Boiler Brands We Work With

We've worked with almost all boiler manufacturers available in the UK and with that experience we have built trusted relationships with key brands and suppliers to bring you the very best product at an unbeatable price point. Our preferred boiler partner is Ideal, with whom we can offer an extended warranty of 12 years on all of their Vogue Max models. We don't just stop at Ideal though, we also regularly work with and install Baxi, Worchester, Vaillant, Alpha and many more.

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